Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems (JMWAIS) is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, quality focused, and open-access online journal. JMWAIS (pronounced jĕm way or say each letter “J” “M” “W” “A” “I” “S”) publishes original articles related to Information Systems (IS), Information Technology (IT), and Management Information Systems (MIS). The editorial emphasis is on interdisciplinary research involving IS/T and MIS from organizational and individual perspectives. JMWAIS strives to be unique, in both its  interdisciplinary Information Systems focus and its commitment to authors of an expedited and constructive review process. Specifically, our editorial policy encourages authors from various business user and technical tools disciplines to submit interesting IS/T and MIS related manuscripts. The Editorial Board emphasizes a balanced vision between rigor and relevance. Both academic scholarly-oriented and more practitioner-oriented submissions are welcomed. Articles that are published in JMWAIS are also available from the AIS eLibrary.

The Journal is published semi-annually in January and July.

Best Paper Awards: The annual MWAIS conference program committee will select three papers for best paper awards. Authors of these papers who choose to submit an expanded version of their papers to JMWAIS will receive an expedited review process and upon acceptance of their paper will receive monetary prize from MWAIS.


Journal of the Midwest Association for Information Systems was initially proposed at the September 13, 2013 meeting of the MWAIS executive committee and was approved at the October 18th meeting of the committee. The inaugural issue was published in January 2015.

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