Editor's Comments
Health Information Systems – Opportunities and Challenges in a Global Health Ecosystem
By Ciara Heavin

Analysis of a Sequence of Events in Healthcare
By Pankush Kalgotra, Ramesh Sharda, and William D. Paiva

Building a Know-How and Knowing-That Cartography to Enhance KM Processes in a Healthcare Setting
By Sahar Ghrab, Inčs Saad, Gilles Kassel, and Faiez Gargouri

A Framework for Designing Digital Health Interventions
By Paidi O’Raghallaigh, and Frederic Adam

Characteristics of Complete and Incomplete Physicians’ Unlearning with Electronic Medical Record
By Cherie Noteboom, Julee Hafner, and Abdullah Wahbeh

Trends, Findings, and Opportunities: An Archival Review of Health Information Systems Research in Nigeria
By Grace Kenny,Yvonne O’ Connor, Emmanuel Eze, and Ciara Heavin

Healthcare IT Value Hierarchy Framework for the Small Physician Practices Context
By Steven A Wallace, and Lakshmi S Iyer

Innovation in Healthcare: Harnessing New Technologies
By Eugenio Fernández

Electronic Health Record System Implementation in a Health Informatics Program: A Case Study
By Kalyani Ankem,Vishal Uppala, and Alka Dhawan